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Untitled Dunedin Feature excerpt #2 – “Somewhere really good”

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2012 by uncontrollabledancing

This is the penultimate scene for the film. It’s a long – 50 minutes at the moment – a scene walking through Otago Uni at magic hour. Crazy shooting conditions – wind whistling through the place, totally freewheeling improvised scene, but it turned out wonderfully – one take a few cuts, 93% shooting ratio, one of the best scenes I’ve ever shot I think. Sometimes you get lucky..

Sound recorded – on two zoom H4Ns – by Sally Ann McIntyre. Shot by myself. The actors are Kiti Beech and Jim Currin. This is a nearly 5 minute excerpt. I’m pretty keen on it.
Busy editing now.. It could be a pretty long film… further exceprts will be forthcoming soon.