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Remain the Same

Posted in Downloads, Releases on June 15, 2010 by uncontrollabledancing

This is a bizarre and bloody minimal melodrama we released in 2004 to benefit the Te Aro Independent Artist’s Collective, of which I was a member. It was released in a DVD-r edition of 2, and screened once at the Gallery.

It was initially intended as a part of a feature to be called Come on through with a smile/ Tell me who you are, a sort of dark twin to Little Bits of Light, which was in post production at the time. Where Little Bits… was at least partly about the notion of managing to stop a depressed partner killing themselves, this one was about failing to do so.

I wanted it to be an exceedingly dark, minimal film I could make very quickly and cheaply, with Andy Chappell shooting, and me and probably Grace acting in it, playing fictionalised versions of people we’d been ourselves, in both more and less direct ways than the characters we’d written for Little Bits of Light.

The idea was 8 scenes, each a single sustained shot – 4 before and 4 after the suicide, alternating. The together scenes were to show the descent of the women who kills herself, the after ones, a blank failure to cope afterwards.

The last scene/shot was me walking home from work all the way up Ohiro Rd to find my partner dead in a pool of blood on the bed.

The first one was me pacing back and forth across a very small room alone listening to 2 Jandek songs, ‘Come on through with a smile’ and ‘Tell me who you are’, off the Somebody n the Snow album, hence the projected title. The scene that makes up the short was another extended failure to do everyday things…

I decided to use Jandek songs in this one – with permission from Corwood – as an explicit counterpoint to the use of the Mountain Goats in Little Bits… Where the characters there are appropriately earnest, romantic and hopeful, in this film, there’s much more of the blankness and despair you find in a Jandek album. So when I made this scene into Remain the Same, it seemed appropriate to use another Jandek song as the underpinning and title.

It’s pretty much the only extant version on film of my personal interest in a weird kind of performance art. There’s been a few intentions beyond this  – and an aggressive, personal feature called After The Fact shot and cut in 2000, that should be considered lost now, although there’s a possibilityof rescuing a fragment of it perhaps. But this is the only time I’ve actually completed a film in which I’m the main performer, and which does have a singular element to the performance.

Also, for those interested in the personal side of it – this film came from a very dark and difficult time. Some scenes were based on real events, others on my fears, flashes of possibility and nightmares. The story ended both happily and sadly. Grace is now much healthier and happier than she was in those days- and the national response to Little Bits made a major difference to her self-belief – but we aren’t together any more, which makes this film’s dedication much sadder, to me.


Broken Black Lines parts 2 and 3 (Also re-upped part 1)

Posted in Downloads, News on March 27, 2010 by uncontrollabledancing

…So here’s parts two and three, plus re-uploading of part 1with correct sync. Part 4 will be up next week.

As will a longer piece of something essayistic… Finishing application for NZFC low-budget thing this weekend, so… engrossed quite considerably in that. CW.